Thursday, June 7, 2007

Holy Crap!

Literally, holy crap!
I Had to Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard's Fall just landed on our desk and while we're not shythis book makes us blush. With Seven Stories Press behind the book (50,000 copy print run thank you very much!) and a former researcher for Randy Shilts working the pen this will be the book everyone will be talking about. We all know the story. Mike Jones was Ted Haggard's favorite escort. Jones brought him down after providing several years of services. Unlike a lot of scandle stories that push the dirt under the rug, Jones picks the rug up and shakes it out. Seriously, you'll never believe the things that nice looking boy on the cover could get up to....with a reverand! SCANDALICIOUS. If you want to hear all the randy (er...scary) stories in person Jones is signing at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble on 6/13 at 7pm.

I hope you'll stick with us as we figure out how this whole blog world works. We're old. We learned to type on actual typewriters. Until we get things under our grasp some bits might be wonky and our words a little too quick to the page.

A big shout out to Famous Author Rob Byrnes. He's the first to notice that we're sexy bit**es. And Rob, we'll always be kind to you.....we like free drinks.

Summer Beach Read

My first summer beach read book is Boston Boys Club

Like a gay Sex and the City, Boston Boys Club follows three gay friends who hang out at a Boston gay club. Funny, with heart, and plenty of situations we can all relate to Diaz has a perfect beach read that will keep you turning the pages. It's light, it's fun, it's the book version of a mimosa. You all may remember Diaz who had a quick turn on the Real World Miami. He dated cast member Dan. Now he reports on the real world for The Boston Daily.

Here's what other writer's think:

Make way for the boys of summer! Johnny Diaz has written a sexy beach-read romp you won't be able to put down." --William J. Mann, author of All American Boy

"Boston Boys Club is racy, funny, and smart. With his unforgettable trio of narrators, Johnny Diaz ushers the reader through the sex-filled, weirdly skewed world of contemporary gay Boston. You're going to love this book." -- Scott Heim, author of Mysterious Skin

"Johnny Diaz brings to palpable life the ins, out, ups and downs of gay city life and its most dangerous pastime: dating. In chronicling the love lives - or lack thereof - of three good friends who meet weekly at the local watering hole, Johnny Diaz gives us situations, hopes, fears, and especially characters that all readers will identify with, and may even recognize as themselves. At turns comic, touching, and tragic, Boston Boys Club is sure to serve as a testament of American gay life in the new millennium, and the timeless search for Mister Right - or Mister Right Now. An addictive read.'' J.G. Hayes, author of A Map of The Harbor Islands

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